Sunday, August 31, 2014

NXT Palatka 8-30-14

Tonight the NXT superstars made another stop on the road to Takeover as they brought another night of hard hitting action to the National Guard Armory in Palatka, Fl. Many of the matches were repeats from the night before (see the Tampa 8-29-14 post) with some deviation. Here's a quick rundown of tonights matches.

The Vaudevillians once again defeated The Mechanics. The team of Gotch and English has gelled so well together and are so over with the crowd it is obvious to state that they will soon find themselves at the top of the tag team division. I only hope the rough and ready to fight team of Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder don't get lost in the shuffle, they stand in contrast to some of the more over the top gimmicks we see in wrestling today. We need more no-nonsense wrestlers.

The upset of the night came when CJ Parker put a stop to Baron Corbins path of destruction. After trying to take the big man down with several sleeper holds he managed to snag the victory over Corbin with a palm strike to the face followed by a DDT. I understand that Parker is no jobber, but this victory really seemed to halt the momentum that they have been building with Baron Corbin.

In divas tag team action Becky Lynch and Alexa Bliss took on Carmella and Kendall Skye in a very entertaining contest. The energetic Becky Lynch was impressive as always. Carmella has gotten really good in a short time, not just her ring skills either but working the crowd as well. The winners of the match, Becky Lynch and Alexa Bliss.

Next, The Boss Sasha Banks made her way to the ring to give a promo regarding the upcoming NXT Takeover and the fact that she doesn't have a match. She put both Bayley and Charlotte on notice though saying she would be there to make an impact. I'd watch my back if I were the champ.

Enzo Amore took on Sylvester Lefort and found himself to be the recipient of a lot of punishment from the cunning Frenchman. Though in the end the underdog Amore got a surprise pin on the over confident Lefort much to the ire of Marcus Louis who ran out for a post match beatdown before Colin Cassady made the save. Enzo did a great job of selling the offense of Slyvester Lefort, a man who is quickly becoming a favorite heel.

Next, Kalisto teamed with Solomon Crowe to battle the absolutely destructive Ascension. Unfortunately a match that all the potential of being a show stealer was cut short due to injury. Following Solomon Crowe executing a flying head scissors to Viktor both men hit the mat but Crowe didn't make it back up. He seemed to be in a great deal of pain and clutching his leg. The referee called the match and it was awarded to The Ascension. Following the bell medics and staff made there way to the ring to help the immobilized Crowe to his feet and into the back. I do not yet know the extent of the injury, I simply know it came at a bad time, when it seems as if we are finally close to a Solomon Crowe debut.

NXT Womens champ Charlotte took on fan favorite Bayley in another solid bout from the two ladies. The genetically superior champ seemed to have the match won until Sasha Banks came out and caused a distraction that would allow Bayley to land her belly-to-Bayley suplex on Charlotte for the three count.

The last of a dying breed Bull Dempsey was out next to take on the hyped Mojo Rawley. Although a lot of crowds seem to be growing weary of the Rawley gimmick, Palatka was clearly a pro-Mojo crowd. The wrecking ball Dempsey found himself in control much of the match with an arsenal of smashmouth moves but he allowed Mojo an opening which ultimately cost him the match.

The main event of the evening was a fatal four way featuring Sami Zayn vs Tyler Breeze vs Justin Gabriel vs Adrian Neville in an absolutely awesome match that foreshadowed what we have to look forward to in less than two weeks at Takeover. The bodies were flying and the crazy spots were numerous. In the final moments Zayn landed a helluva kick to Neville in the corner and went for the pin only to have Tyler Breeze yank him out of the ring and steal the victory. Great wrestling, great selling, great crowd interaction, this match was all positives. Replace Gabriel with Tyson Kidd and there is your Takeover main event, easily the best main event of all the live specials is coming your way really soon.

In the last month or so I've seen several memorable main events featuring Neville, Zayn, Breeze, and Kidd in all permutations from one on one to fatal four way. At some point all four men have been victorious. Who will walk away winner and champion on September 11th at Takeover? I offer no predictions other that the fans will be walking away very, very happy.


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