Saturday, August 9, 2014

NXT Cocoa 8-9-14

NXT fans fought nasty weather and soaring temperatures converging on the National Guard Armory in Cocoa Fl for even hotter matches. As per usual the crowd would not be disappointed, filled with matches so good they were worth doing twice. For those who haven't read my previous post (Orlando 8-7-14) here is a quick run down of tonights matches.

Angelo Dawkins gained an upset victory over Bull Dempsey, only to suffer a post match beat down.
Colin Cassady and Enzo Amore defeated The Mechanics
Sasha Banks gave a promo concerning NXT Takeover
The Legionnaires gained another questionable win over Buddy Murphy and Wesley Blake.
Tyler Breeze defeated CJ Parker
Charlotte defeated Bayley
Baron Corbin squashed Steve Cutler

The Vaudevillians defeated The Ascension. In the final moments of the night Konnor took a nasty spill out of the ring busting his head open.

In our main event NXT champ Adrian Neville pinned Sami Zayn via a 450 splash

It was a great card that did not disappoint. Here are a few thoughts at the end of a long night.

NXT faithfuls will tell you that NXT surpassed the main roster on a lot of different levels, for instance the quality of womens matches. Guaranteed you will soon hear just as many touting the quality of the tag team division as well. The division which seemed to suffer for so long is now hotter than ever, as you can tell by the number of tag matches and the quality of all the teams.

I'm enjoying the new attitude and intensity from Baron Corbin, a man who clearly has the talent and the look may have found the gimmick. Hopefully, the powers that be pull the trigger and give him a serious push soon.

All roads are leading to the next live NXT special on the WWE Network (for only 9.99) and it may have the best card yet of all the specials. The guys and girls seem to be working hard to ensure that it will be a success. Charlotte and Bayley have been putting on great matches and seem to have really developed an excellent chemistry with each other. Before it's all said and done they may just steal the show. Of course the main event of NXT Takeover is enough to sell the entire special, and anyone who has been seeing the recent house show performances by Neville, Zayn, and Breeze should be very excited.


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