Friday, August 8, 2014

NXT Orlando 8-7-14

The Orlando Armory was standing room only as fans anxiously anticipated another night of hard hitting wrestling action and the athletes of NXT did not fail to deliver.

The night began with Bull Dempsey taking on Angelo Dawkins. This being another in a series of matches between the two men it is apparent they are getting quite familiar with each others ring work.
Bull seems to be getting rougher and I enjoyed seeing some old fashioned heel moves like raking the face against the boot laces. The more I see Dawkins perform the more obvious his athleticism becomes, a gimmick change could really do him wonders. The winner was Dempsey via pinfall.

Next up, Big Cass and Enzo Amore competed against “The Mechanics” Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder. The match started off with some nice trash talking between Dawson and Amore before the action began. Amore and Cassady exude charisma and take control of a room as soon as they step through the curtains and continues into the ring. Dawson and Wilder have gelled well in a short time, they're not the flashiest team around but guaranteed they are going to be major players in the tag team division before it is all said and done. Referee Drake Wuertz awarded the match to Cass and Enzo via DQ when Wilder failed to get out of the ring. Just a little too short, but it was a fun match nonetheless.

Sasha Banks made her way to the ring for brief promo. She mentioned the upcoming NXT Takeover and voiced her unhappiness that she wasn't booked, but vowed she would make an impact. I hope so, you can't have another special event without the boss of NXT.

Tag team action continued as the team of Buddy Murphy and Wesley Blake took on “The Legionnaires” Sylvester Lefort and Marcus Louis. I think Murphy and Blake have tons of potential (and the coolest entrance music, since the powers that be couldn't leave Crowes music alone). The Legionnaires are just great heels. In the age of “cool heels” they are classic heels who couldn't win a match without cheating if their careers depended on it. Alright, they're still pretty cool though, and they walked away with another questionable victory.

Next up, our ring announcer Jojo made her way back into the ring and took a moment to wish a happy birthday to me, your humble blogger. It was a special moment made more surreal by the select members of the crowd chanting my name. While I'm sure I was red as a beet, the wrestling nerd in me marked out quite a bit.

The action continued with CJ Parker taking on Prince Pretty himself, Tyler Breeze in an exciting match. Parker is underrated and a great antagonist, he gave a pretty good pre-match promo putting hecklers in their place with ease. Breeze of course continued to prove that he is main event caliber, winning the match via pinfall following a devastating superkick.

After a short intermission we resume the show with Divas action as everyones favorite Bayley takes on the Womens Champion Charlotte. These two who were already so good seem to be getting better at every event. They're getting their chops down for sure and I can't wait for the world to see what we are privy to see come September 11th at Takeover. The winner via pinfall was Charlotte.

Next up Baron Corbin completely squashed Steve Cutler. Corbin is completely no nonsense making his way to the ring with no entrance music. Totally focused, totally intense like an animal stalking his prey.
I've always thought Corbin had it, but this new direction is even better (and more intimidating).

We follow with more tag team action as the two most over tag teams in NXT lock up again, The Ascension and The Vaudevillians. I am a big fan of both teams, but for me, as with most people it is a foregone conclusion that The Ascension is always going to decimate their opposition. That is why I, and most fans in attendance were in absolute shock to see The Vaudevillians victorious. A great job from all four men, an epic contest with an unimaginable ending.

Our main event of the evening featured Sami Zayn vs Adrian Neville. I could watch these two battle at every event and never tire of their superb ring work and excellent chemistry. In NXT these guys are main eventers, but put them on the main roster and you'll call them show stealers, guaranteed. The action was high impact and the high spots were numerous, but in the end after much back and forth action Adrian Neville won via a perfect 450 splash. Adrian Neville walks out with his head held high and the NXT strap over his shoulder, but will he be so fortunate in just three weeks?

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  1. Woaaah, that pic of Viktor towering over time warped Aiden English is spectacular. And thanks for the update on The Boss. Me thinks she might "assist" Bayley in taking the strap from Charlotte, thus pressuring the new champ into giving Sasha first crack at the title.