Sunday, October 5, 2014

NXT Ft Pierce 10-4-14

Fans crowded into the Fenn Center for an evening of hard hitting wrestling action as the stars of NXT returned to Ft Pierce, Fl. It was a tag team heavy card that served to remind that the tag team division is looking very bright. It was also a night that featured continued rivalries, international superstars, and unlikely fan favorites.

The evening started with tag team action as the realest guys in the room Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady took on Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder. The match started with more horseplay than holds as The Mechanics found themselves on the receiving end of the comedic antics of Cass and Enzo. A funny moment came when Dawson challenged Cassady to a test of strength but couldn't reach the hands of the seven footer, so he had Wilder come into the ring so he could stand on his back. As the action got further underway The Mechanics took control of the match keeping the scrappy underdog Enzo Amore under control. Just when things were looking dire Amore made the hot tag to a ready to go Big Cass who took the pinfall over Dash Wilder with a swinging side slam. It was a highly entertaining match from all four men and a great way to start the evening.

Next up Steve Cutler found himself in the unfortunate position of taking on the quickly rising Baron Corbin who made his way to the ring with a nice pop from the crowd. Cutler tried to mount offense early on only to have each attempt thwarted by the sheer power of Corbin. When Corbin takes control is when things get interesting, every move by the six foot eight inch big man looks absolutely brutal. He finished his opponent off with his “End Of Days”, a reverse STO leaving Cutler defeated.

Womens champion Charlotte is up next for a short interview with JoJo. Charlotte put over Bayley before stating that she is the best athlete male or female on any roster. The most foreboding statement though came when JoJo asked her what was next for her. The genetically superior Charlotte made it very clear that she has her sights on WWE Divas champion AJ Lee.

The evening continued with more tag team action as The Vaudevillians Aiden English and Simon Gotch took on the team of Wesley Blake and Buddy Murphy. The match was very much a solid back and forth contest that showcased both teams very well. In the end however, perhaps by questionable tactics The Vaudevillians were able to secure a victory. In my opinion The Vaudevillians should of already had a tag championship opportunity at Takeover, and even now as heels are clearly over as a team. Murphy and Blake have gelled tremendously as a tag team this year and are easily the best functioning tag team in NXT, I'm hoping their tag team has longevity and they find themselves in the tag title picture sooner than later.

Next the young Olympian Chad Gable found himself in the destructive path of Bull Dempsey. The last time I saw Gable compete in Citrus Springs he made a great impression on me and I have high hopes for him. However tonight the much bigger Bull Dempsey found himself firmly in control of Gable, keeping the pace of the match slow with a series of rest holds. Eventually Gable was able to mount an offense, gaining a clean roll-up pinfall over Bull in what has to be considered the upset victory of the evening.

 His victory celebration would be cut short by a very angry Bull Dempsey who beat down Gable and managed to further destroy him with 3 diving headbutts from the top turnbuckle before being held off by a trio of referees. Bull exited only to come back out much to the delight of a sadistic crowd for another headbutt. Dempsey may have lost the match but he won over the crowd, and it was Chad Gable who paid the price.

Next up the man with a new darker gimmick and the best theme song in NXT Ty Dillinger faced the eagerly anticipated Hideo Itami in a match that one could easily consider the show stealer of the evening. The underrated Ty Dillinger managed to hold his own but it was Itami who was in control for much of the match. Hideo lives up to the hype, as does his impressive arsenal of kicks and strikes. He finished Dillinger off with his diving double foot stomp off the top rope. I'm going to enjoy Itami while I can because it's obvious he won't be down here long before heading to the main roster.

The evening continued with womens tag action a the team of Carmella and Dana Brooke took on the fan favorites Bayley and Alexa Bliss. It was a nicely paced contest that could have went either way at some points but tonight it swung in the favor of Bayley and Bliss. It was a great job by all four ladies. Dana Brooke is still a work in process but definitely has the potential, and working alongside such a talented locker room and trainer Sara Del Rey how could she not? Alexa Bliss and Carmella are good examples, as they have both come so far this year.

Up next was Sawyer Fulton who made his way to the ring with yet another new look and attitude, this time with a singlet and a black mohawk. His opponent was Jason Jordan, who seems to be settling into a face role again for the time being. The two locked up showing off some of their amateur skills with some nice grappling work early on in the match. It was a shorter match with a little back and forth action before Jordan finished off Fulton with an Olypmic slam.

 Before Jason Jordan could even celebrate a still very irate Bull Dempsey stormed to the ring and laid out Jason Jordan. He then destroyed him with a series of five flying headbutts, much to the approval of the crowd.

In our tag team main event of the evening The Ascension challenged The Lucha Dragons in a non title match. The team of Kalisto and Sin Cara may just have the number of the most destructive tag team on the planet thwarting them yet again and sealing another victory in a very hard fought battle that was even better than their match at Takeover. Sin Cara (either one) has never looked as good a he has recently and in Kalisto the WWE has most definitely found their next big luchadore. However, it is the straight forward smashmouth Ascension whose time is now. I am a big fan of Konnor and Viktor, and I hate to lose them but it's obvious that the main roster tag division needs them more than we do. As tonight proved, the NXT tag division is hotter and brighter than ever.


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