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NXT Full Sail TV Tapings 7-31-14

The always lively NXT universe converged to Full Sail University for another set of NXT television tapings. The action was hot and heavy and the crowd was as rowdy as ever.

Dark Matches
The first dark match of the evening pitted Solomon Crowe against Buddy Murphy in a short but nonetheless good opening contest. The match offered a little back and forth, but it was was mostly Crowe who was clearly in charge with a rough smashmouth offense that ultimately led him to a pinfall victory.

Next up, main roster diva Natalya takes on newcomer Carmella. I've said it before, Carmella is catching on very quickly and her “princess of Staten Island” persona gets some good heat off the crowd. Natty of course is capable of great wrestling and can put on a great match with just about anyone when given the chance. Tonight, the winner was Natalya via the sharpshooter.

1st Episode
The tag team tournament to determine the number one contenders for the Ascensions tag titles continued as Enzo Amore and Big Cass took on The Vaudevillians. It was a very entertaining bout that had the crowd evenly split between both teams. A great performance by all four men that ended with The Vaudevillians picking up the win.

Afterwards The Legionnaires came out and attacked Enzo, and proceeded to shave off his beard with hair clippers before Cass made the save chasing off the sneaky Frenchmen.

NXT Womens champ Charlotte took on Becky Lynch who made her way to the ring with a frenetic energy and new ring gear. After a little bit of taunting the match got under way. A solid bout from both ladies. After the last live special you would be hard pressed to find anyone who could dispute that Charlotte has it, and I still contend that Becky Lynch is one of the most well rounded female athlete on either roster. The winner via a “bow down to the queen” was Charlotte.

Afterwards a very angry Enzo Amore and Big Cass came out and cut a promo challenging The Legionnaires to a hair vs hair match.

Next up we had Mojo Rawley vs Steve Cutler. To no ones surprise Mojo made quick work of Cutler after which he cut a promo directed at Bull Dempsey. Even the NXT universe which at one time seemed to be fond of Mojos enthusiasm and energy seem to be getting bored of him. I don't see that changing unless his move-set gets a serious upgrade.

The tag tournament continued with an excellent contest that saw Kalisto and Sin Cara take on the odd pairing of Sami Zayn and Adam Rose. It was great to see Rose back home where he is way over with the crowd. It was also very nice to see him wrestle more than the usual two or three minutes you would see him on Raw or Smackdown. The match had all of the flipping and flying you would expect in a match with the two luchadores and Zayn, while the usually comedic Rose was more aggressive than usual. The culmination of the match saw Kalisto take the win for his team via pinfall over Adam Rose.

Triple H came out to a huge pop and much fan fair to announce the next live special which will be NXT Takeover 2 and take place on September 11th. He also announced that there would be a new general manager of NXT and we would find out their identity next week.

Tyson Kidd took on Tyler Breeze in a match that ended abruptly when a frustrated Breeze walked out on the match giving Kidd the count-out victory. Afterwards, Kidd celebrated by putting on Breezes furry vest and striking his signature lounging position on the turnbuckle.

2nd Episode
The Ascension came out and in typical fashion made short work of two jobbers who didn't even merit an introduction. They followed with a short promo welcoming all challengers. The Ascension are probably my favorite tag team but like much of the crowd I am growing a little weary of the squash matches. However, with the tag team scene looking more promising than it has in a long time all one needs is a little more patience.

The new general manager of NXT comes out next and that man is William Regal. He said a few words before inviting NXT champion Adrian Neville to the ring to announce the main event title match of the upcoming live special. Before he can announce the match they are interrupted by a very presumptuous
Tyson Kidd who starts to thank Regal for the match. He in turn is interrupted by Prince Pretty himself Tyler Breeze who claims that he is the rightful contender before Sami Zayn shows up in the ring to throw his name in the hat. At this point it becomes obvious to the crowd where this is going but no one cares because a spectacular main event is shaping before our eyes. William Regal announces that the main event at NXT Takeover 2 will be a fatal 4 way.

Next up is fan favorite Bayley vs Sasha Banks. I'm a big fan of both performers and even though we may have seem them face off on several occasions they never disappoint. I'm convinced Banks has the “it” factor, while Bayley has a natural charisma that easily makes her the most over women on the roster. Bayley took the win via pinfall with a belly to Bayley suplex.

Afterwards Renee Young made her way to the ring to interview Bayley, asking her how it feels to know that she will be challenging Charlotte for the NXT Womens title at the live special. Bayley give a heartfelt answer before being interrupted by Charlotte. Verbal sparring ensued but in the end Bayley offered a handshake in a sign of sportsmanship which Charlotte snubbed simply walking away.

Bull Dempsey took on Angelo Dawkins in a slower paced contest. They're billing Dempsey as an old school throwback and he fits the mold, but I am hoping to see more old school aggression from him in the future.

Next up was an excellent main event by most anyones standards that saw the team of Tyson Kidd and Tyler Breeze take on Sami Zayn and Adrian Neville. The match easily had people on the edge of their seats and standing at many points. As the match climaxed into chaos with bodies everywhere Breeze dodged a helluva kick from Zayn causing him to nail Neville laying him out cold allowing their opponents to get the victory. The remaining men brawled leaving Sami Zayn as the only man standing.

The NXT title belt outside the ring catches his eye, he picks it up possibly foreshadowing the future.
He stares at it in his hands before laying it across a still downed Neville, and leaving the ring.

3rd Episode
The episode got under way with Alexa Bliss taking on Charlotte. A short match that saw the Champ victorious.

Afterwards Bayley came out to cut a promo on Charlotte, which again ended with Bayley extending her hand. This time Charlotte answered with a slap which an angry Bayley retaliated with a belly to Bayley suplex sending the champ into retreat.

Next up was Ty Dillinger taking on Tyler Breeze. Not a bad outing for Dillinger but ultimately to no ones surprise Breeze made fairly quick work of him.

Next up, Tyson Kidd took on Adam Rose. Once again, it was nice to see Rose perform with less comedy. Ultimately though, it was a victory for Kidd via sharpshooter.

Sami Zayn took on Marcus Louis w/ Sylvester Lefort at ringside in a solid contest. One would really expect no less from Zayn, it's Louis that seems to be getting a little more impressive with each outing.
Not impressive enough though as he found himself on the tapping end of a Koji Clutch.

After the match Cass and Amore ran out for retribution as Lefort and Louis barely make an escape.

Next up, CJ parker takes on the NXT champion Adrian Neville in a short but exciting match. Parker
is getting more impressive and I like the direction he's taking these days, and matches like these hint at the fact he will be more than ready to head into the main event scene eventually. Tonight though it was Neville taking the victory via the Red Arrow.

The tag team tournament reached its final bout with The Vaudevillians taking on the team of Sin Cara and Kalisto for a shot at the belts at NXT Takeover 2. Just like the earlier tag matches of the evening this one delivered with great spots from all the performers. The masked mens acrobatics never fail to thrill while Gotch and English are really getting in stride with one another. At this point though, Kalisto and Sin Cara were the better team. The Ascension came out and stared them down from the ramp.

After the tapings Cesaro comes out to a huge pop from the crowd to take on the returning Big Show.
The crowd loves the big man but was clearly behind The King Of Swing. The match starts off slow and in Shows favor until Cesaro takes control, but even with his renowned strength he couldn't manhandle the Big Show finding himself on the receiving end of a choke slam and staring at the ceiling.


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