Friday, October 10, 2014

NXT Orlando 10-9-14

Enthusiastic fans jammed into the Orlando Armory to see the men and women of NXT prove why they are the predominant wrestling brand by wowing their hometown crowd with high impact action. The armory was hot, but anticipation was hotter as the evening started with a bang.

Actually, it started with the roar of a motorcycle as the lone wolf of NXT Baron Corbin made his way to the ring to conquer his newest victim, Elias Sampson. The bell rang and the crowd began counting the seconds to the inevitable squash. Sampson wisely rolled out of the ring a few times before engaging in action in an attempt to mount an offense. Unfortunately for Sampson, this only angered Corbin who went on to make short work of his prey gaining the pinfall after his brutal finisher “The end of days”. The crowd is really getting behind Corbin and it's well deserved, the man makes every move look devastating in the ring. Elias Sampson has seemingly a different gimmick every time I have seen him, hopefully he find his niche in NXT soon because I've like what I've seen of him.

Next up one half of the Lucha Dragons, Kalisto competed against Sawyer Fulton. The contest saw the much larger Fulton run roughshod over the luchadore who struggled to mount an offense. However his power and size advantage was not enough to stop the momentum of the underdog Kalisto, and when Kalisto gets going that momentum is nearly unstoppable. Fulton, who has had many gimmick changes may look his most intimidating yet with his black mohawk and black singlet. Tonight though his new tougher demeanor would not be enough as he found himself on the receiving end of a “Salida del sol”.

NXT commentator Rich Brennan introduced The Boss Sasha Banks who quickly decided Brennans presence in the ring was not necessary and took control of the mic. Banks made it clear that she is the best and put all the women on notice, particularly the champ, Charlotte. It should be a hot feud when these two finally lock up, and they will likely steal quite a few shows in the process.

Next, in a highly entertaining match the team of Jason Jordan and Chad Gable took on The Mechanics.
Jason Jordan was wearing a wrestling singlet tonight like Gable, it remains to be seen if this will be an ongoing tag team. However with his impressive amateur background he definitely makes a good partner for the Olympian Chad Gable. Not to be outdone Dawson challenged them to start the match by wrestling amateur style, unfortunately for him it didn't turn out so well. As the match wore on it was a back and forth battle that could have went to either team. Tonight however the better team was The Mechanics, Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder. Great job by both teams, this match was a highlight of the evening. The Mechanics are great antagonists who will be in the running for tag team gold sooner than later. Jason Jordan easily has all the skills it takes to succeed, while I see huge things on the horizon for the impressive Olympian Chad Gable.

CJ Parker is out next with a microphone in hand to berate the audience as only he can, this is where Parker shines. Tonight though he would need more than a large vocabulary and wit because his opponent is Hideo Itami who makes his way out to a pretty good pop and a lot of standing fans. Rarely when something or someone comes along with a lot of hype does it live up to it, but in the case of Hideo Itami he surely deserves the hype he has arrived with. Impressive considering we have not even seen him compete in any epic battles in NXT yet. His legendary kicks make you cringe from anywhere in the building and his double foot stomp from the top rope is just painful to watch. Parker put up a good fight but the victory went to Hideo.

Next up the criminally underrated Ty Dillinger took on Prince Pretty himself, Tyler Breeze. Fans came alive to see Breeze who has been away recently with the WWE and he did not disappoint. In fact, both men delivered a match that could have easily been a main event. It's been obvious to many for a long time that Breeze will be a major player one day. However, for those outside of the house show circuit that don't know Dillinger as well the man can shine when given the time and opportunity. His new mysterious, slightly crazy heel persona may just be the groove he needed. Dillinger was in control for much of the match, but the durable Tyler Breeze had a beauty shot with Dillingers name on it giving him the pinfall victory. A nice homecoming for Prince Pretty.

Next, Jojo brings out Braun Stowman who at 6'8' and 385 pounds is a mountain of a man. He makes his way into the ring stepping over the top rope to let us know that monsters are real and on no uncertain terms that he is putting the entire locker room on notice. I'm certainly eager to see the debut of this beast.

After that it is time for a six diva tag team match. The team of Charlotte, Bayley, and Alexa Bliss took on Dana Brooke, Carmella, and Becky Lynch in yet another show stealing match on what had become a great card. Matches like this showcase exactly why we have the best divas around and gives one hope for the main roster division. It was a little strange seeing Charlotte in a definitive face role alongside Bayley, but it's a role she is settling into nicely. Lynch is still a standout on the roster to me, although I'll have to see how her heel role progresses. Carmella is quickly becoming a favorite proving she has the skills and the ring presence to get to the top. This was an action packed match that ended with Charlotte getting the “natural selection” over Becky Lynch for the pin.

In our main event of the evening I was glad to see the highly charismatic Enzo Amore and Big Cass finally headline a show against The Vaudevillians. I've commented several times about the very impressive tag division in NXT, and these teams are probably the top two teams at the moment (even over the champs). The match started with plenty of hilarious trash talking before an action packed match got underway. As over as Gotch and English were as faces they are way more effective as heels as they showed tonight, while Cass and Enzo aren't just on fire in the ring, but they animate the crowd as well with their trash talking and high energy. Eventually The Vaudevillians found themselves in control of the match keeping the underdog Amore from the tag. Victory seemed at hand for the bad guys after a beautifully executed senton from the second rope by English, but Cass made the save for his team. Amide the chaotic final moments it was Enzo Amore who got the pin with a surprise roll-up from out of nowhere. An irate English and Gotch attempted a post match beatdown but were thwarted by an even more fired up Colin Cassidy who cleared the ring of the two sore losers.

It's not unusual for NXT to put on an entertaining show, but tonight was a great show from top to bottom with too many “favorite” matches to call.


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