Friday, October 31, 2014

NXT Largo 10-30-14

The superstars of NXT finished up the month of October by returning to the Minnreg Hall in Largo for another intense night of wrestling action. Fans jammed into the packed house and would not be disappointed as the guys and girls of Floridas premiere wrestling brand once again delivered.

In our opening contest the team of Wesley Blake and Buddy Murphy found themselves directly in the path of the two man juggernaut known as The Ascension. Murphy has reportedly been turning heads lately and its easy to see why, the Aussie has been a standout to me since his earliest outings with his high energy and rough style. Blake is definitely no sidekick though, the man is highly athletic and the more likely mouthpiece of the two. The two put forth a good effort against the former tag champs and were almost evenly matched against Viktor. However, The Ascension are known as the most destructive team on the planet for a reason and proved it tonight by laying waste to Buddy Murphy with “the fall of man”.

Next CJ Parker makes his way to the ring with a trademark sign and a live mic berating the audience like only he can. Before he can finish his tirade he is interrupted by the theme music of Baron Corbin to chagrin of Parker and the delight of a definitively pro-Corbin crowd. The match began as Parker attempted repeatedly to mount an early offense only to fail each time. Corbin toyed with him until by either luck or tenacity CJ managed to gain some momentum in the match. It would not be enough to thwart the onslaught of Corbin though, who is about impossible to stop once he gets going. Every move he does looks downright brutal and it certainly helps that selling is definitely a strength of Parkers. As fun as squash matches can be, it is a nice progression seeing Corbin wrestle longer matches. Baron Corbin defeated CJ following “the end of days”, currently one of the more violent looking finishers out there.

Braun Stowman is out next to deliver another ominous promo. At 6'8” and 385 pounds, the man looks like an absolute beast as he slowly makes his way to the ring projecting an icy stare at the crowd before stepping over the ring rope and into the squared circle. Confident behind the microphone he takes his time saying what he has to say, undeterred by snarky wrestling fans. These promos are definitely building interest, I can't wait to see the big man in action.

The action continues when Becky Lynch comes to the ring accompanied by Sasha Banks. Her opponent Bayley comes out with her own backup, womens champion Charlotte. The wrestling is fast paced and back and forth proving why the NXT womens division is the best around. Lynch, who is starting to come into her own as a heel, took control of fan favorite Bayley in the early goings. However the momentum would shift back to underdog Bayley. In the closing moments Bayley rolled Lynch into a small package but the referee was distracted allowing Banks to reverse the pin. Though the referee would become distracted again allowing Charlotte to reverse the pin again giving Bayley the victory.

Next up in tag action The Vaudevillians took on The Lucha Dragons in a non-title match. The Vaudevillians who seem to be over with the crowd no matter how heelish they act took control early on keeping the high flying Kalisto grounded, making frequent tags and punishing the much smaller luchadore. Eventually though, Kalisto made the hot tag to Sin Cara and the pace picked up drastically as all four men became involved in the fray and bodies were flying everywhere. In the closing moments Sin Cara hoisted English up on his shoulders allowing Kalisto to connect off the top rope with a corkscrew body press for the pin.

In our next match Elias Sampson took on Marcus Louis in a match that swung heavily in the favor of the bald Frenchman. Sampson, who gained offense in small bursts of high energy seems to have a lot of potential that I'm eager to see. A few months ago I would not have predicted the evolution of Marcus Louis who has went from cocky Frenchman to tortured monster who comes to the ring with his shaved head and scowl. Strangely, this could really work for Louis as they dance on the fine line between weirdness and comedy. Marcus Louis won via submission with a torture rack.

Next up the team of Sawyer Fulton and Angelo Dawkins took on the underrated Mechanics. It's worth noting that Dawkins nerdy o-dancing gimmick was absent which made him instantly more likable. In fact, the two wore USA amateur wrestling singlets, and actually worked very well as a tag team. Both Dawkins and Fulton were the best that I have seen them, hopefully this pairing is a long term thing. The Mechanics, who are not afraid to work as both despicable heels and comic foils often in the same match took advantage of a injured Fulton and ended up controlling the match. Angelo attempted to turn things around for his team but failed, giving future tag team champs Dawson and Wilder the win.

Next up, Jason Jordan took on Bull Dempsey in a match that started off surprisingly fast paced until Dempsey took control and slowed things down with a series of rest holds. Jordan managed to mount a comeback and even showed off his strength with an impressive olympic slam on his much larger opponent. Unfortunately, this only seemingly served to anger Dempsey who ran him down and finished him with a flying headbutt off the top rope.

The main event of the evening featured the team of Tyler Breeze and Tyson Kidd taking on Sami Zayn and Adrian Neville. Anyone who has seen these four men in the ring together knows that this is a worthy main event just about anywhere. All four men put forth an amazing effort here, reminding everyone in attendance why NXT is the premiere brand. Zayn, Neville, and Breeze have been fan favorites for a while now, but the recent NXT run of Kidd proves that he is one of the most criminally underrated athletes in the WWE. In the final moments Zayn landed a helluva kick on Kidd allowing Neville to land a 450 splash for the pin.

After, Zayn reminds Neville that tonight they were a team but on December 11th they will be competitors in perhaps one of the most anticipated NXT main events yet!


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