Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Pro Wrestling 2.0: Seasons Beatings 2016

Central Florida may be NXT country, but it is hardly the only game in town. There are a handful of independent options here in the I-4 Corridor, and one of the newest is Pro Wrestling 2.0, which we finally decided to check out Tuesday night. Pro Wrestling 2.0 is a professional wrestling training center/organization headed up by Alex “The Pug” Pourteau based out of a half empty strip mall in the Winter Park area. However, don’t let the modest building or the small shows fool you… several familiar indie names have graced the 2.0 ring, like its champions, Sami Callihan and Su Yung! Tuesday evening’s “Seasons Beatings 2016” would be no different.

Martin Stone & Snoop Strikes vs Jason Cade & Aaron Epic
The evening began with tag team action as Aaron Epic and Jason Cade took on the team of Martin Stone and Snoop Strikes. This was a great way to open the show in the way that it was a nice blend of comedy and action, from a “rolling” Stone paying tribute to Johnny Saint to the tope con hilo from Strikes to the outside. Cade (who I knew primarily from his impressive high-flying Evolve performances) was great bantering with the crowd, but perhaps his finest moment was exclaiming “All Hail!” before dropping Snoop with a pedigree. Speaking of Snoop Strikes, I had never heard of the guy before tonight, but I was impressed as he matched the flippy Cade move for move. Be on the lookout for Snoop. NXT fans probably know Martin Stone for his brief run as Danny Burch or his recurring role as enhancement talent, but here he shines as star of the match. The hard-hitting Stone won the contest for his team with a rope hung DDT on Cade for the win.

Lucha Cruz vs Josh Woods
This was originally supposed to be a tag match, but Woods partner Seth Petruzelli was unable to make it so it became a handicap match with Woods facing Cruz and…. a wrestling dummy, that mostly just sat there. This match started with Woods out-grappling Cruz. Eventually though, Cruz would turn things around and even perform some “double team” maneuvers with his partner.
This short, sweet exhibition match really seemed designed to get former NXT wrestler Josh Woods over. The match ended by submission when Woods tapped out Cruz with a knee-bar submission.

Pro Wrestling 2.0 Women’s Championship Match
Su Yung vs Santana Garrett
Up next are two of the most decorated women in the Indie scene, as champion Su Yung defends her gold against Santana. Su Yung came out complete with a black Santa hat and a bag of Christmas presents, however, every item she pulled out of the bag just happened to be a different championship belt that belonged to her. Santana eventually has enough and a brawl begins, goes to the outside for a long while before making its way back into the ring. Su eventually took control and punished Garrett with submission after submission. They would soon end up exhausted on their knees exchanging fist after fist. A referee distraction allowed Su to strike Santana with a title belt, but miraculously a babyface Garrett kicked out. A superkick and a moonsault later Santana Garrett would pin Su Yung to become the new Pro Wrestling 2.0 champion! This was a fun match, Su Yung is as good as it gets!

Pro Wrestling 2.0 World Championship Match
Sami Callihan vs Shane Strickland
Before the champ Sami Callihan could even make it to the ring, Stickland aka Killshot attacked. What ensued was a brawl all over the building, and into the crowd before eventually making it back into the ring. Callihan is an intense hard-hitting wrestler, and it’s a style that has been sorely missed at NXT house shows since he has been gone. Shane Strickland gave it back just as good though in what was easily match of the night. At one point Sami sent a message loud and clear as he exclaimed “WWE!” before dropping Stickland with HHH’s pedigree. In the final seconds of the match Strickland locked in a kneebar that had Callihan tapping a split second after the bell rang for a time limit draw. Still your champion, Sami Callihan extended a handshake and a hug to Strickland. Afterwards Strickland superkicked Calliahn and made off with the title belt.

Darby Allin & Rachael Ellering vs Tessa Blanchard & Joey Ryan
The action continues with intergender action with the team of Joey Ryan and Tessa Blanchard taking on Darby Allin and Rachael Ellering. Out first was Tessa with Joey Ryan on her back. The pair made it to the ring and Ryan explains that they were originally supposed to wrestle each other, but refused, as they are best friends. He tells us that they hang out everywhere together from the USA to Japan, and that Tessa even shaves his back for him. Their challengers are out next, Rachel Ellering and the explosive Darby Allin. Before the match can begin, Joey Ryan asks if anyone in the crowd wants his lollipop, which a young fan accepted. Then it’s time for the baby oil, Tessa graciously offers to oil up Ryan’s back… that’s friendship. Once the action starts, it is fast paced, back and forth action. Joey Ryan performed the dreaded “boobplex” on Ellering, and yes, Darby touched “it”. Allin found himself unwittingly with his hand on Joey Ryan’s legendary junk, and they played it up with gusto, as Ryan flexed his member before eventually flipping Allin completely over with it. Blanchard holds Ellering while Ryan pulls a lollipop out of his trunks and runs over to shove it in her mouth. Ellering ducks and Tessa takes the lollipop. Rachael takes advantage of the distraction and takes Joey Ryan down with a cutter for the win. This was of course, a goofy, but fun match. All comedy and sexual innuendo aside, the talent in the ring for this match was impressive. Tessa Blanchard and Rachael Ellering are both crazy talented for their age and are guaranteed to be major players one day. Darby Allin, has already gained a lot of notoriety for some truly crazy Evolve spots, and is one to watch, provided he doesn’t kill himself.

After a short intermission we are treated with three more matches with some of up and coming local wrestlers, featuring several students from Team Vision Dojo and 3D Academy.

That 70’s Tag Team & Trish Adora vs The Dudley Twins TNT & Lacey Lane
I enjoyed this intergender match, despite the fact that I was not familiar with anyone here, other than the Dudley Twins who I knew on name alone. Everyone did well, I thought, but Lacey Lane seemed to shine a little bit brighter to me and I’ll be on the lookout for her again. The Dudleys made an homage to their famous namesakes with their finisher, a Dudley Death Drop to Trish.

Robin Reid vs Brandi Lauren
This was a short, back and forth match with Brandi playing heel to babyface Reid. In the end, Reid defeated Brandi with a roll-up

Axx Clover & Raegan Fire vs CT Brown & Kaci Lennox
The show concluded with one more intergender match with Rex Bacchus as special referee. This was another fun one. Fans of big hoss wrestlers would probably enjoy Clover, who looks like a lumberjack. At several times the young Raegan refused to tag in, leaving Clover in a two on one situation most of the match. In the end, he was not able to overcome the offense of CT Brown and Kaci Lennox.

Pro Wrestling 2.0 is a great mix of up and coming wrestlers and established Indie stars, and I would highly recommend checking them out if you are ever in the Orlando area. They return early for a special show, Reloaded, on December 29th


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