Sunday, February 15, 2015

I Believe In Wrestling, Orlando 2-14-15

Saturday night fans crammed into the Team Vision Dojo in Orlando Florida to see the hungry athletes of I Believe In Wrestling give their all and settle some scores, while starting some new feuds along the way.

Our opening contest saw Chasyn Rance take on Jason Cade accompanied to the ring by Lince Dorado. In the early goings the two seemingly evenly matched competitors put on a clinic with enough grappling and reversals to satisfy wrestling purists and to make it one of the highlights of the evening. Eventually the more experienced and perhaps more aggressive Rance began to take control, but Cade kept coming eventually knocking Cades head off with an enziguri and brutal double foot stomp to the gut. Rance came back with some impressive offense of his own including a superplex and a jaw shattering superkick but yet he couldn’t pin Cade. With the referees back turned a frustrated Rance attempted to expose the turnbuckle but Dorado stopped him, thus allowing enough of a distraction for Cade to roll up Rance for a surprise pin. Afterwards Cade laid out Rance allowing Dorado to perform a perfect shooting star press to add insult to injury.

Next up, Mike Reed took on Tyranus. Reed gave up a lot of size to the mountainous Tyranus but that didn’t stop him from bringing the fight right to his opponent. Clearly there is bad blood between these two as the match that transpired was a largely a smashmouth brawl. Slams and strikes between these two were a plenty before Reed began to take the advantage over his larger adversary. Tyranus attempted a comeback, but the cunning and perhaps experience of Reed paid off and he managed to finish his off Tyranus with a spinning side slam for the victory.

Ring announcer Trevin Adams introduces Santana Garrett (formerly Brittany in TNA). First he congratulates her on her recent victory to become the new NWA World Womens Champion. He then asks her about tonights main event, an inter-gender hair vs hair match against Josh Hess. She ends the interview by stating that Hess should get a hat.

The evening continues with triple threat action the very cocky and confident Chico Adams takes on Team Dojos resident redneck Joey Mayberry and The Lounge Lizard Maxwell Chicago. You couldn’t find more diverse personalities here if you tried, but regardless Mayberry and Adams managed to form an alliance against Maxell Chicago (hilariously sporting “tuxedo” style full body tights). Chicago valiantly battle back against the numbers game to little avail. However as it almost always goes in triple threat matches the alliance is short lived and it wasn’t long before Mayberry and Adams turned on each other. Some great spots in this match including a great looking Rock Bottom from the odds on favorite in the match Chico Adams, along with Joey Mayberry making a fiery comeback after guzzling his bottle of Mountain Dew. In the end it was an unexpected distraction from Mayberrys sister that allowed Maxwell Chicago to roll up Adams for the pin.

Next up Josh Parker took on Brandon Scherer in a very surprisingly one-sided match. Scherer gave up a big weight advantage to Parker, but managed to stay one step ahead in this match with speed and just plain more aggression. With the crowd in his corner Parker played the underdog well and mounted a comeback with a huge splash in the corner that nearly flattened Scherer. Again, Brandon Scherer gained control, first with a jaw shattering superkick followed by a violent looking corkscrew moonsault for the victory. Afterwards he took the mic and says the match everyone wants to see is him vs Rhett Giddins, but Rhett is ducking him and is nowhere to be found. Ring announcer Trevin Adams lets us know that in two weeks Rhett Giddens will return.

Next up, Adams brings out Josh Hess to ask about the main event. Hess, who is confident on the microphone, tells us that this is the match that no one wanted to happen, not I Believe, and not the board of the NWA, but assures us that in the end Santana Garrett will be bald.

The action continues with CJ O’Doyle taking on Gabriel Black. The bell rings and the two start brawling and then it is Black who takes early control of the match. O’Doyle quickly turns thing around and punishes Black for much of the match. Black mounts a comeback with a swinging neck breaker and a running knee strike that would seemingly bring him a win. However after an impressive enziguri and ddt, followed by a series of forearms and an exclamatory European uppercut would put O’Doyle at a decisive advantage as he locked Gabriel Black into a Half Crab submission for the tap-out victory.

Next, the night is interrupted by Justin Michaels, manager of The Dirty Damn Outlaws. He says that in two weeks they will defeat Lince Dorado and Jason Cade in the finals of the tournament to become the new Florida Tag Team Champions. Like Hess, Michaels is confident on the mic and not afraid to berate the crowd when need be.

Next, The WWC Puerto Rican Champion Jesus Rodriguez (formerly Ricardo Rodriguez) defends his title against Aaron Epic in an entertaining semi-main event. The two opponents approached each other cautiously at first with a series of grapples before the pace began to build. Epic being the smaller of the two, it was interesting to see Rodriguez fly about while Epic attempted to slow the pace. There were a lot of great spots in this match including some great fast paced strikes and lucha offense from Rodriguez, but Epic would not be outdone countering with some serious power moves and a superkick that made the audience collectively cringe. In the end Rodriguez would get a roll-up pin from out of nowhere for the pin to retain his title. Afterwards both men would shake hands.

Our main event of the evening is up next, an inter-gender hair vs hair match featuring NWA World Womens Champion Santana Garrett vs Josh Hess. In the early goings Santana uses her speed and agility to her advantage while engaging in some impressive grappling with Hess. The action was back and forth until Hess took advantage of a distracted referee and faked being kicked in the groin, before using the advantage to sneak attack Garrett and take control. This is where the power advantage of Hess comes into play and he takes control, while trying to thwart the occasional comebacks by Garrett. Eventually she mounts a comeback and sends Hess tumbling outside of the ring, where she performs a baseball slide into Hess sending him barreling into the barricade and the two began to brawl outside of the ring, at one point Garrett sending Hess into the crowd and practically into the lap of your humble blogger. The two made it back into the ring and Hess regains control. He attempts a kick to the face of Santana but she ducks and he nails the referee instead. With the referee knocked out a frustrated Hess grabs the hair clippers, when the gigantic Mister Saint Laurent hits the ring and delivers an earth shattering Michinoku Driver to Hess, allowing Santana a handspring moonsault for the pin.

Afterwards, an exuberant roster came out and held down Hess for his new haircut sending the crowd home happy and marking an unforgettable night at the Team Vision Dojo.

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