Friday, November 14, 2014

NXT Orlando 11-13-14

As the men and women of NXT prepared to do battle in their home away from home The Orlando Armory, fans lined up for another night of unrivaled wrestling action. There was electricity in the air as fans not only packed in to see their favorite athletes, but to see the anxiously anticipated arrival of an international superstar. Like always the young and hungry wrestlers of NXT aimed to tear the house down.

Perhaps there is no better way to fire up a crowd than by starting the night with the super charismatic duo of Enzo Amore and Big Cass. The two made their way out to much fan fare followed by their opponents, The Mechanics. The match starts off with plenty of comedic spots with Enzo getting over on the Mechanics before they find themselves in control. This is where all involved excel, Dawson and Wilder with frequent tags and rough offense while Enzo is always at his best as underdog selling his opponents offense. Eventually Amore would find an opening and make the hot tag to Big Cass who cleared the ring of Dawson and laid out Wilder with a swinging side slam. This was a solid opening contest that did its job of hyping the fans very well. Big Cass seems to be really coming into his own as a wrestler while The Mechanics ,who are already favorites, are getting even better every show.

Next up, Aiden English accompanied to the ring by Simon Gotch, took on Kalisto. The match was barely underway before Gotch tried to get involved. Referee Drake Wuertz would have no patience for it tonight and quickly ejected Gotch from ringside. With the odds even the match continued and Kalisto took the early advantage. English eventually grounded the high flyer and took control of the match. When the tide began to turn back Simon Gotch ran back to the ring to cause distraction only to have things backfire as Kalisto launched English into Gotch knocking him off the apron. A disoriented English would turn around to walk into a corkscrew body press giving Kalisto the pinfall victory. An angry Vaudevillians would commence a beat down on Kalisto after the bell. English took to the mic and announced that December 11th the tag team belts would be theirs. All I can say is I hope so. Kalisto is an amazing athlete, but it makes little sense to have him hold the belts with an absentee partner. The NXT tag team division is stronger than ever with many teams that deserve to be fighting for the straps.

The evening continued with six man tag team action as the team of Steve Cutler, Elias Sampson and Hugo Knox took on the newly formed staple Shoot Nation, consisting of Chad Gable, Sawyer Fulton, and Angelo Dawkins. Shoot Nation took control early on and kept that control for much of the match keeping Knox in taking punishment until he made the hot tag to Elias Sampson who was explosive with the time he got in the ring before tagging Knox back in. Hugo made the win for his team with a flying cross body to Dawkins for the pin. This was only the second match for the highly athletic Hugo Knox, while I'm not sure about his ring gear or his chippendale-like dancing, his athleticism couldn't be denied. In fact, while all men impressed I would say it was Knox, along with Gable who were the stars of the match. Chad Gable, whether playing the undersized underdog or the leader of a heel faction is impressive as can be and fun to watch. This was a great match and a definite highlight of the evening, impressive considering the participants are either new guys or guys that have yet to make a large impact yet.

Ty Dillinger was out next dancing his way out to the ring to burlesque stripper music and shaking his rear for the ladies. The good time wouldn't last long for Dillinger because out next was the lone wolf and possibly the most destructive guy in the locker room, Baron Corbin. All silly gimmick aside, Ty Dillinger is a truly talented wrestler and he showed it here putting forth a good effort against Corbin. In fact he was in control for much of the match, at one point even putting Corbin down with a beautiful looking superkick that could have very well ended the match. Unfortunately for Ty, Corbin found an opening and when he gets momentum going he is practically unstoppable with power moves that look absolutely brutal culminating in the end of days and the win for Baron Corbin. It's nice to see Corbin wrestling lengthier matches and selling more offense. Squash matches are fun for a bit but matches like these are going to do more for him in the long run. Hopefully he'll get to do some like this on television soon.

The condescending CJ Parker is out next berating the audience to some genuine heel heat. His opponent is the returning Solomon Crowe. This match had some good back and forth but it was Solomon Crowe that really stood out here with his offense that can be at once erratic and explosive. He looked to have the match won at several points but the tenacious Parker managed to plant Crowe with a facebuster gaining a hard fought victory. Another great match on a great card. Crowe is exciting to watch and definite main event material. Parker to his credit is indeed underrated and has been a part of some great matches lately.

Next up was womens tag team action as the team of Alexa Bliss and Bayley took on Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch. As usual the women set out to steal the show and they did a great job of it. I'm a fan of all four ladies and a usual they all did a great job here. Alexa Bliss has come so far in the past year and it is becoming apparent why she is rumored to be so prominent on peoples radar. For this blogger, it is Becky Lynch who is possibly the most polished women on the roster as far as in ring ability, however, it is the well rounded Sasha Banks who is probably the most ready for the main roster. With a little craftiness and a little distraction Banks managed to nail Bayley with a backstabber and roll into her “Bank Statement” giving her team the victory via tapout.

The war between Jason Jordan and Bull Dempsey continued with each man seeking one more victory over the other. The match started out with each man feeling each other out until Bull took the early advantage. Dempsey takes his time setting up his matches often leading in with frequent rest holds before picking up the pace. Jason Jordan has all the tools to make it, including strength which is showed off at one point tossing Dempsey over with an impressive fallaway slam. Tonight it would be Dempsey picking up newest victory in their feud putting Jordan down with a flying headbutt.

Our much anticipated main event of the evening is the two man juggernaut known as The Ascension taking on the dream team of Hideo Itami and Finn Balor. Before the bell can even ring all four men are in the ring brawling and the crowd simultaneously moves to the edge of their seats. Eventually the referee gets the match under control and a traditional tag match follows. Balor and Hideo took the early advantage however The Ascension would not make it easy for them and eventually gain control. Konnor and Viktor punished Hideo for much of the match proving why they are the most destructive tag team on the planet. The Ascension shouldn't be overlooked here as their most recent work is probably some of there best. The man with perhaps the most to prove, Finn Balor would justify all the hype he has arrived with as soon as he was tagged in laying waste with lightening fast speed and kicks. Eventually control of the match would be lost and the victory would be awarded to Balor and Hideo via disqualification, but the statement was made. That statement being with the arrival of Finn Balor, the landscape of NXT is about to change dramatically.


  1. Is it alright if I mention your site to They're a wrestling news sites which is fairly popular and have hundreds of daily users. Right now they have someone called Tara who's posting her accounts of an NXT Live Event whenever it happens, but they aren't nearly as detailed as yours, nor do they have photos attached like you have. If I could get them to showcase your reports it could bring more attention to your website, and you may actually become their go-to-guy for NXT Live Events, which could be pretty cool. Today I am sending them this site to look at in hopes they recognize what you do and give you credit for it. This is honestly great work and should be more out there for wrestling fans a like to see.

  2. Awesome! Thanks for the feedback. Definitely feel free to spread the word, we really enjoy going to these shows but it's just as much fun to share it with fans elsewhere.

  3. Do you have any more images of the six-man tag match?

    While I found this because I as looking for info about Hugh Knox and I'm impressed by his partners, I couldn't find images for Shoot Nation in which they looked as relatively svelte and fit as they do here.