Saturday, June 21, 2014

NXT Lakeland 6-20-14

The opening contest saw Angelo Dawkins defeat Solomon Crowe in a short but entertaining match. As a fan of Crowe I can only call this an upset victory. Dawkins is athletic enough and has potential if only I could get past his gimmick. Solomon Crowes history speaks for its self and I can't wait to see him climb the ranks of NXT.

Next, Becky Lynch and Alexa Bliss defeated Sasha Banks and Carmella in what was a very entertaining tag match. Lynch is most definitely a future champion and Sasha Banks impresses me more every time I see her compete. Alexa Bliss is a diva on the rise, it's hard to believe she is still so new. Speaking of new, this is only the second match I've seen Carmella wrestle and she has the potential and charisma to go far I believe.

Devin Taylor conducted a short interview with Slate Randall in which in typical heel fashion he glorified himself and talked down to the Lakeland audience. He began to flirt with Devin and badgered her for a kiss. She relented, told him to close his eyes and pucker up.... and Randall opened his eyes to find he had planted a wet one on Braun Stowmans chest.

I found myself pleasantly surprised to see Bull Dempsey defeat the hyped Mojo Rawley. I'm not a huge Mojo fan but I am however a Dempsey fan. Bull reminds me of the type of wrestler I grew up watching. Rough, mean, and definitely no pretty boy I look forward to seeing more from Dempsey.

Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady defeated The Vaudvillians in a very fun match. Amore and Big Cass are great together but I have to admit I hated see them go over two of my favorites in Simon Gotch and Aiden English. Winners or losers aside, an entertaining performance from all four men.

Baron Corbin defeated Jason Jordan on a slower paced but solid contest. Corbin has been dubbed as a wrestler to look out for and that is well deserved. I enjoyed seeing a bit of a meaner side to Jason Jordan, I personally think he's much more interesting when acting heelish.

Charlotte defeated Bayley in a great match-up. I personally didn't know who to root for as I have become big fans of both divas. I can only hope for a long feud in the cards for these two with a string of matches like this one.

In the next match the two man juggernaut known as The Ascension laid waste to the team of Travis Tyler and Troy Mclain. Hardly a surprise but still yet watching The Ascensions pure destruction is just downright fun. Also glad to see Tyler come out minus the “rich guy” gimmick, which was just a little too goofy.

Next up, Prince Pretty himself Tyler Breeze comes hobbling to the ring with the help of security. Though being the trooper he is still managed to snap a few selfies before rolling into the ring to give a heartfelt promo. He talked about his career threatening injury and the inscrutable pain unlike any he had ever felt. We find out he's talking about a broken finger.

It's hard not to get excited when the main event is Sami Zayn versus Adrian Neville. The match began with a handshake and ended with one as well. In between there were enough thrills and athletic spots to
qualify this match as a show stealer. In the end the champ Adrian Neville was victorious, but regardless a great showing from both athletes.

After the match Neville and Zayn both took turns on the mic saying goodbye to referee Darrick Moore who is leaving NXT for the main roster. They celebrated him in the ring as the entire roster came from the back to give their respects to Moore.


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